Granite is the hottest high-end natural material for the kitchen and bathroom. Their popularity seems to have a firm grasp of peoples hearts, with a glance, the ideas start rolling, and dreams made. There is just no going back to those dated postform (laminate) countertops.

Granite is rock-hard, literally. It’s second only to diamond regarding the hardness of natural materials. When correctly installed, it will last you a lifetime. If you ever replace it, it will be because you want to and not because you have to. While it’s not recommended, if you occasionally set a hot pan or tray directly on the countertop, it won’t damage it the way it would laminate, wood and other softer materials.

The granite counters must be adequately sealed, and that’s why it’s a great idea to have an experienced professional (like us) do the installation. However, when sealed according properly, the granite countertop will resist staining and bacteria. You can also seal them yourself. Making cleanup easy with the basic soap and water nothing special needed, or with a cleaner designed for granite, if you feel like spoiling it or accenting the natural colours. Get to spilt liquid quickly (which you should do with ANY countertop) and you’ll enjoy a stain-free countertop that looks like new for decades to come.

Have a look at some of the colours, the colours on a screen are not that accurate and don’t resemble the real beauty of natural granite. Each piece of granite has unique colours, tones, shades, accents, and shine. It’s for that very reason we recommend you stop by our showroom and see the samples there. There are thousands of colours granite to choose from in the world. To give you the best possible experience, it’s best to call ahead and hear if we have a sample to show you. So if we don’t, we will make arrangments to get one for you or tell you where you can.